Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to manually create Android emulator's internal storage disk image

Built-in AVD Manager incorrectly generates (internal storage) disk images when you're creating new virtual device targeting API 19 or greater.

On API 19 - no matter what size you specify during the virtual device configuration, the maximum that you're going to get is 200mb. On API 21 and 22, the maximum size increased to 550mb. This issue already has appropriate question on StackOverflow and AOSP bug report.

For average application this will be sufficient, but for large application (or when you need to install several application that talk to each other) it can be problematic.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Commons Codec on Android

If your application depends on Commons Codec library (version 1.4 and above), and you are not aware that Android framework already includes this library, then there's a chance that your application will crash with a runtime exception.

Why does the Android framework includes the Commons Codec library?

Android framework shipped with HttpClient (version 4.0 pre-BETA, an ancient 2008 release). HttpClient depends on Commons Codec. Therefore, AOSP had to include Commons Codec as well.

OK, so can I use framework's Commons Codec library in my application?

Unfortunately no. This API is hidden and not exposed in Android SDK for application developers. You can invoke the library's classes using reflection of course, but by doing so you take the risk of relying on undocumented APIs, which is not recommended at all.